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Serving the Legal Needs of the DC Metro Area Trans Community

About Us

Trans Legal Advocates of Washington was founded in 2012 by community legal advocates in Washington, DC to better serve the legal needs of transgender people in the Metro Washington, DC area, which includes the immediate areas of Maryland and Virginia. 

TransLAW aims to meet these needs by serving trans clients for free in a clinic setting with our partnership with Whitman-Walker Health, by providing financial assistance to clients who might otherwise be unable to afford to change their name and gender markers on identity documents, and by training legal services organizations and legal professionals.

At this time, TransLAW is unable to offer direct legal services or legal referrals. If you need services or a referral, contact Whitman-Walker Health's Legal Services.

Steering Committee Members

Adam Campanile, Alexander Paterson, Angela Sakell, Carole Klein, Carsen Beckwith, Debra Murphy, Eileen Rodriguez, Jenevieve Frank, Luc Athayde-Rizzaro, Omar Waite, rachel campbell, and Shannon Turner.